We’re pretty sure Summer ended last week, Halloween was last weekend, and Thanksgiving was yesterday, and yet somehow we are in the final countdown until Christmas! And if you’re anything like us, in the craziness and hustle and bustle that is Christmas preparation, you’ve probably realized last minute that there are a few people on your list you forgot to buy presents for–big oops. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Who doesn’t love receiving a nice bottle of wine this time of year?! Here are 5 ways you can wrap up your favorite bottle from Latah Creek to give as a gift this gift-giving season!

The Mulled Wine Gift

What you'll need:

-A bottle of Merlot

-A bottle of Cointreau

-A couple of oranges

-Cinnamon sticks

-Whole cloves

-Star Anise

-Maple syrup

Grab a nice box or gift bag, throw everything in, and include a note with instructions on how to mull wine (see our blog post!) and you’ve got a wonderful gift for anyone on your list!

(Buying for a group of people? Pair everything down into a single serving, and place everything except the alcohol in a jar. Give the jar along with a bottle of Merlot (Cointreau is optional)! Or to make it even easier, simply tie one of our Hot Spiced Wine Bags onto the bottle.)

The Celebratory Wine Gift

What you'll need:

-A bottle of champagne

-Champagne flutes



Place the bottle and flutes in a small basket and wrap with cellophane. Use the ribbon to tie up the cellophane, and tie the bells in at the knot. Include a tag at the top, or a card, that says, “May your holidays bubble over with joy!”

The Food Lover's Wine Gift

What you'll need:

-A bottle of their favorite wine

-A small charcuterie board

-A few meats

-A few cheeses

-A few types of crackers/bread

-A few sauces/spreads

-A few sweets

At first glimpse this may not seem very specific or helpful. Check out our blog on how to build the perfect charcuterie board for some inspiration on which flavors to use, throw it all together in a basket, and you’ve got a perfect gift for anyone on your list who loves pairing their wine with food!

The Cozy Wine Gift

What you'll need:

-A bottle of their favorite wine

-A good book

-A soft blanket

-A yummy candle

If anyone is buying a gift for me this Christmas, pay special attention to this one! Who doesn’t love cozying up with a glass of wine to enjoy a good book by candlelight?!

The Simple Wine Gift

What you'll need:

-A bottle of their favorite wine



-A bell

There’s no need to overcomplicate things–you’ve got enough on your plate this time of year as it is! Simply use the twine to tie the holly and the bell around the neck of the wine bottle and you’ve got a festive, thoughtful, and easy gift!

Happy gifting!