Since 1982, it’s been our family’s commitment to delight wine lovers with the best of Washington State, while making award-winning wines affordable. Two generations later, our father/daughter winemaking team continue to deliver a unique experience with each and every bottle. Every time a bottle is uncorked or a glass is poured, we promise love at first sip. Visit the Latah Creek winery and gift shop for the latest vintages available for tasting and treats. Our winery is open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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WAugust at Latah Creek

August 10 9:00am - August 10 5:00pm

WAugust at Latah Creek

August 11 9:00am - August 11 5:00pm

WAugust at Latah Creek

August 12 9:00am - August 12 5:00pm

WAugust at Latah Creek

August 13 9:00am - August 13 5:00pm

WAugust at Latah Creek

August 14 9:00am - August 14 5:00pm

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