Is it too early to officially call the 20’s the decade of the charcuterie board?

Didn’t think so.

Can you even remember the last event you went to that didn’t have a gorgeous charcuterie board spread that made all of your wildest Pinterest dreams come true?! Whether it’s a book club, a football Saturday, or a baby shower, it seems the better the charcuterie, the better the event, and we are HERE FOR IT. There’s nothing better to pair your favorite wine with than these meat, cheese, cracker, fruit, sauce, and chocolate boards.

But if you’re anything like us, taking the vision from your Pinterest board to your kitchen is easier said than done. So we decided to crack the charcuterie code and break it down into eight easy-to-follow steps to creating a spread that is sure to dazzle at any event! Bon appètit!

1. Decor: start by placing decorative elements on your board. Get creative! For this time of year, it’s fun to place mini pumpkins evenly throughout the board. At this time, we also suggest placing any bowls for spreads/sauces on the board strategically placed alongside decor.

2. Gourmet Cheeses: we suggest a variety of pre-sliced cheeses such as sharp cheddar or Swiss. Add in some fun flavors such as an herb-rolled goat cheese, and have a good balance of nutty flavors (such as gouda) and sweet (such as brie). Place your cheese selections evenly throughout the board.

3. Cured Meats: you’ll want a variety of textures and flavors when it comes to your meat selections. Add in some spice (such as chorizo), some sweet (such as prosciutto), and some smoky (such as Italian speck). Mix up the textures by adding in salami and mortadella options! Place the meats alongside the cheeses.

4. Crackers and Breads: when it comes to the crunchy element of your board, variety is key! Choose 4-5 different crunch options: rustic Italian grissini, grilled pita, rosemary crackers, baguette, sea salt crackers, and whole wheat crackers are all fantastic additions to any board! Spread each cracker/bread option all over the board, and don’t be afraid to get creative here–small groupings of crackers all over the board is a simple yet sure way to wow your guests with your presentation!

5. Fruits: here’s where the real creative fun begins! Add in lots of color and splashes of sweet to balance all of the salty. Choose 2-3 dried fruits and 2-3 fresh fruits to sprinkle throughout the meats, cheese, and crackers.

6. Sauces and Spreads: an olive oil dipping sauce, your favorite creamy dip, and some fruit jams will give the perfect assortment of spreads to enhance each slice of bread! Fill the bowls from step 1.

7. Sweets: our personal favorite step, SUGAR! Sprinkle in a few sweets to really give your board the perfect touch! Dark chocolate covered almonds or milk chocolate covered pretzels are always crowd pleasers, but don’t be afraid to go crazy with some small cookies or cupcakes!

8. Garnishes: last but certainly not least, take your charcuterie board to the next level by adding the completely-unnecessary-but-wow-do-they-look-good garnishes! This could be rosemary, eucalyptus, or your favorite fall flowers! (Make sure your guests know these are not to eat.)

Happy hosting!