March’s wine of the month is Mike’s Reserve Red. The No.2 Reserve Red has aromas of freshly sliced strawberries, red grapes, and violets. Tasting notes include wild blackberry, violet, and soft fine leather. The flavor finishes with tobacco and lingering dark chocolate for a smooth end to your sip. No.3 smells of ripened red grapes, purple flowers, and toasted oak. Upon the first sip, you’ll experience dried plum, blackberry, and soft fine leather. Espresso and dark chocolate will linger on your tongue.

I love opening a bottle of this wine each month to taste and see how the wine is maturing. I find it fascinating how much a wine can change with just a little additional time in the bottle. A great example of time in a bottle is Mike’s Reserve Reds. Rarely do we ever have two vintages of one wine out at the same time, but we decided to release our Mike’s Reserve Red no.3 in November because it was just too delicious to not let you have it. While these wines are completely different blends, tasting the two side-by-side, you get a great example of bottle aging. No.2 appears softer, while no.3 has bright flavors. I encourage you to take time to try wines of different vintage dates and experiment with what you like best. I promise, whichever blend you choose, you will love it!

Regular price: $22/bottle

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  • 2 bottles, regular $44, sale $37.40
  • 6 bottles, regular $132, sale $105.60
  • 12 bottles, regular $264, sale $198

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