2012 Merlot Read Tasting Notes

Rattlesnake Hills

Muscat Canelli has always been Mike’s favorite grape varietal. Its intense fruit characters are second to none and its versatility with food is unmatched. But while traveling in the Piedmonte region of Northern Italy, Ellena and Mike discovered Moscato. A Muscat, only finished sweeter, with less alcohol. Unlike a late harvest, though, it is harvested at regular times, so the wine is not cloying, is fresh on the palate, usually with a slight spritz. The quality of the Muscat grape grown here in the Pacific Northwest gives father/daughter winemaking team, Mike and Natalie, the ability to produce an exceptional Washington State Moscato.

Hyatt Vineyard, 100% Muscat Canelli

Latah Creek’s Muscat Canelli grapes are always the first to come off the vine. The past 2 vintages, the summers have been extremely hot, so the harvest started weeks early. But for this 2017 vintage, the weather was a wonderful mix between hot, mild, and cold. The result? Grapes that were able to reach Mike and Natalie’s optimum sugar level, while still keeping wonderful acid and pH levels. These grapes had the WOW factor – amazing flavor and near perfect harvest numbers. While the Muscat Canelli juice is fermenting, Mike and Natalie remove a portion of the juice when it reaches 10% RS. This then becomes the Moscato, while the rest becomes their Muscat Canelli. The wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks at cooler temperatures, to retain its forward fruit characteristics. A higher acid level was left in the wine to keep it from cloying, and to keep it fresh and crisp. The wine temperature never gets above 38 degrees, which keeps the CO2, made during fermentation, from dissipating.

Harvest Data: September 12, 2017 Brix: 22.3 TA: 0.78 pH: 3.32
Alc.: 6% RS: 10.0%
Bottled: February 27, 2018 | 294 cases | Released: April 2018

Mike Conway and Natalie Conway-Barnes

Aromas of pina colada and sweet honeysuckle fill your nose. Honeydew melon and spun sugar along with nuances of mango engulf your entire mouth, while candied lemon peel and honey to linger long after the wine is swallowed.

Enjoy this wine well chilled with a fruit and cheese platter, brunch food, or as an aperitif (appetizer wine) with Ellena’s Mushroom Tart recipe online at latahcreek.com/recipes.

Awards and Accolades

Double Gold, Seattle Wine Awards 2018
Chairman’s Award & Best of Class, Dan Berger’s International Wine Competition 2018