2012 Merlot Read Tasting Notes

Columbia Valley

Natalie quotes, “One of my favorite parts of winemaking is blending and tinkering with various wines to find the ultimate best wine. I also like to experiment with new ideas, just to break it up. This is how I came up with our Sangria.” The resultant wine is a wonderfully refreshing but not too sweet Sangria. Their first batch consisted of 70 cases and sold out in TWO weeks!

2014 Merlot blended with Natural Fruit Juices and Concentrates

For this third release, Mike and Natalie used their 2014 Merlot. While the production was increased, it is still considered a small lot production with only 200 cases available. Natalie made this wine to drink as is, or you can add to it. If you want it sweeter, add lemonade; more fruit flavor, add fruit and let it soak; drier, add more red wine.

Alc.: 10.0% RS: 7%
Bottled: April 28, 2017 | 201 cases | Released: May 2017

Mike Conway and Natalie Conway-Barnes

The flavors of tart berries from the juices and concentrates mingle perfectly with the bold, rich flavor of the Merlot. Bright berries with a hint of oak vanillin linger long after the wine is swallowed. This Sangria should be served well chilled.

Ellena suggests pouring the Sangria into a pitcher and add sliced citrus fruits for a beautiful presentation. You can also add frozen berries to the pitcher to keep the wine cold, but not allowing it to get watered down by ice. Enjoy this wine with summer meals or Mexican themed meals, such as Ellena’s Quick and Easy Fajitas recipe in her latest cookbook.

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