How has it already been a year since the winery remodel?! WOW! We’re reminiscing about the adventures the remodel brought us last year. Many things happened, which didn’t occur to us in the planning stages; like not having toilets when the floors are being redone. But, we are still in awe of how big the room looks! Every time I walk by and look at it, I think to myself, “Why did we wait so long?” I still remember Paige helping me on demo day! She had so much fun hammering down walls, kicking through drywall, and ripping off baseboards. Here are a few BEFORE pics, in case you don't remember:

Everything, and I mean everything, was torn out. My dad used a forklift to lift up the beams to span where we took out the walls and the construction guys were really thankful to not have to lift up the beams themselves, like they normally have to. Once the beams were in, they put drywall up on some of the wall, and made the other walls a smooth surface. All of this was done with the floors covered in paper, as it was incredibly messy!

Then, the paper on the floors was removed as we had someone come in and grind down the surface so that the new concrete would adhere properly. This was one of those unexpected moments, as the grinding was so loud, we had to close down for the afternoon. The next morning was a quick flurry of recovering all of the floors with paper so that the walls could be re-textured to look similar to the stucco we have on the outside and some other walls on the inside.

Once that was done, the paper was taken off of the floors again, so the concrete guy could come in and use self-leveling concrete over the whole large room. Then, they came in to lay down stamped concrete in a brick pattern. It was the first time I have ever chosen concrete colors, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Despite how difficult and exhausting remodeling is, it was well worth the work! Here is what it looks like now! But come visit to see all of the features not pictures, like the barrel stave hanging light fixture, the featured basket stone wall, and more!

Cheers, Natalie