We haven’t been able to release all of our wines the way we typically do--thanks COVID--, but I wanted to fill you in on what has and will be released.Our first new White release of the year was during the Quarantine-Style Spring Release in May. We decided, at the last minute, to add our 2019 Sweet Riesling into the release schedule. We don’t make this wine every year, because it takes a specific harvest analysis for it to taste wonderful without being heavy. The main difference is that you want the acid levels in the grapes to be much higher than normal. The higher acidity levels allows us to leave the finished wine sweeter than our normal Riesling, but still be light and fresh on the tongue. I KNOW you won’t be disappointed with this gem! Only 112 cases were bottled, so it won’t last long!

Our second release during the Quarantine-Style Spring Release was our 2019 Chenin Blanc. This wine is near and dear to my heart, as Chenin Blanc is the first wine that put Latah Creek on the map. This was my favorite story growing up! My dad entered his 1982 Chenin Blanc (our first vintage), and it took Best of Show at an international wine competition. Not only had a white wine never received this award, but also no winery from Washington State had ever received it before Latah Creek. Needless to say, that wine became an instant success. Unfortunately, in the later 1980’s, nationally Chenin Blanc sales dropped off the face of the earth so my dad stopped bottling it. Chenin Blanc is a rare find nowadays! We’ve still received the grapes all these years, but have used it for our Maywine base. After years and years of trying, two years ago I finally convinced my dad to bottle a small amount, and it was again an instant success! So, we now reserve some of this delicious wine before it is blended away, and bottle it under its varietal name. We only bottled 56 cases, so don’t wait to get yours!

The “Toast to Best Friends” wine has been a great addition for us! I LOVE being able to personalize the bottle and give it to our friends (where the picture of my mom and her best friend is, can be changed out to whatever you want!). My dad and I collaborated with my mom again and let her choose “her” blend. She is a creature of habit, and chose the exact same proportions as last time, 65% Chardonnay with 35% Pinot Gris. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find the same blue bottles as before, so we are still in search of something eye-catching! Enjoy!