We have some real treats coming your way over the next nine to twelve months. You will see two new Red releases under our regular wine label, four new Reserve Red releases, and a new Mike’s Reserve Red no. 3. All I can say is how excited I am! Now, let's get to the upcoming releases.

2018 Tempranillo

I LOVE Tempranillo. Some of you probably already know this but, I’m beyond excited for this release. In the past, we’ve only been able to produce small lots because grapes have been very limited, but for the 2018 vintage our grower ended up with significantly more than normal. We jumped at this opportunity, so we were able to produce nearly 300 cases of a wine we absolutely love instead of the usual 60. Right now we are making our finishing touches to this 2018 Tempranillo and will be bottling it soon under our regular wine label. You can look for it this fall.

2018 Barbera

Yes, you read that right! We have a new 2018 Barbera coming your way! So, for all of you that LOVED the last and only Barbera we had ever made, it’s time to celebrate. This is a wonderful follow-up vintage for a wonderful wine.

Reserve Red Releases:

For these four upcoming Reserve Red releases we will be producing between 112 and 170 cases, which means there’s plenty to go around. Please remember, we don’t take the term “Reserve” lightly. Our wines that fall under this category must exhibit outstanding varietal character and exceptional balance. This is why we don’t make them every year. Over the next decade, our Reserve Red wines will age gracefully. But, never be afraid to enjoy them now either! Alright, here are the Reserve Reds to look for in the coming season.

2018 Reserve Mourvèdre

This gorgeous ruby-colored wine engulfs all your senses with aromas and flavors of plum, black currant, toasted oak, and violets. Notes of blueberry mingled with hints of black pepper and fine leather will be left lingering on your tongue.

2018 Reserve Syrah

This beautiful deeply purple-colored wine opens up with vanilla bean and blackberry aromas. Once on the tongue, your mouth is flooded with jam-like flavors of blackberry and black currant with nuances of black pepper, while espresso and boysenberry linger.

2018 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

This juicy, deep red wine begins with aromas of grapes, blackberry, and mint. Your mouth is then flooded with dark cherry, dried plum, and raspberry with nuances of toasted oak, lingering long after the wine is gone.

2019 Reserve Petit Verdot

My dad describes this wine as being “luscious” and once you read the flavor profile you’ll understand. This wine starts with aromas of cherry, lilac, and fresh herbs, while blueberry, blackberry, and sage. Ripe berries and mocha will linger on your tastebuds.

Mike’s Reserve Red no. 3

We are so thankful to those who were able to attend our Quarantine-style Reserve Red Blending Party! We tasted so many amazing blends, and actually changed our minds on what the final blend would be for this wine. So, after two more days of blending and tasting together, my dad and I finally settled on our favorite ratio: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Tempranillo, 19% Petit Verdot, 9% Syrah. We know you’ll love it’s easy-drinking style now. But remember, it will only get better with age!

I hope you're just about as excited for these wine releases as I am! Be on the look out for these wines to drop this upcoming season.

- Natalie