While the weather isn’t quite screaming SPRING just yet, we’re feeling all the Springtime joy in our hearts. Keep holding on Spokane–we’re almost past this annual “Second Winter” season! And to bring on the Spring feels to our tastebuds as well as in our hearts, let’s bring on the Springtime wine! Here are five wines you should start sippin’ on as the sun tries to make its way through the clouds!

1. Rosè

You had to know this was going to top the list! Zesty and fruit-forward, this is the perfect wine for this transition from Winter to Summer. Sip on a little Rosè with your favorite Spring veggies and you’ll experience its ample acidity to its fullest! Something we love about a good Rosè is its wide range of flavors–you can experience a bottle that is rich and sultry or light and bright, mineral-driven or fruit-forward, light or full! Whatever bottle you reach for, Rosè is perfect to pair with a Springtime fruit salad or light fish meal.

2. Gamay

Similar to a Pinot Noir, Gamay is a flower and berry-forward light-bodied red wine that is chalk-full of juicy fruit flavors, making it a lovely choice for this time of year! With a hint of pepper and an underlying earthy note, it’s a refreshing and light option that will pair flawlessly with your Springtime picnic meals–cured meats, cheeses, and spreads–as well as a night in with roasted veggies and grilled salmon.

3. Pinot Noir

You can’t have Spring without this elegant and classic red. You can expect a consistent flavor with Pinot Noir–ranging from a bright red fruit to a dark black fruit–and always a hallmark savory note. Pinot Noir is bright and acidic with fine-grained tannins, so it pairs well with light meats like pork or duck, making it a perfect Springtime dinner staple.

4. Bordeaux

The best way to describe a Bordeaux is like a hug in a bottle. Flavors of smoke, tobacco, cedar, licorice, plum, and black cherry will warm your insides like no other as we slowly inch our way out of Winter! For those Spokane “Spring” evenings (when we have no tulips popping through but plenty of snow still on the front lawn), pair a Bordeaux with a grilled meat covered in herbs de Provence as you sit inside praying for warmer days!

5. Primitivo

Last but certainly not least, the ultimate “enjoy-these-last-evenings-inside” wine: Primitivo. Fruity, high in alcohol, full in body, and acidic, this deeply colored wine will leave you feeling cozy and relaxed. With flavors of blackberry, spice, black cherry, and plum, Primitivo pairs perfectly with cheeseburgers (if you want to brave it outdoors) or pizza (if it’s still too cold for a night on the patio).

Hang on, Spokane! Warmer days are coming!