My favorite part of winemaking is blending and tinkering with different types and blends of wine. I love seeing how just a small addition can change the whole taste of a wine. This is the creative aspect of winemaking that propels my passion for what I do. Our wine of the month for May is Sangria. I love our Sangria because this is the result of my creativity. One day I decided to “borrow” a small amount of huckleberry juice and a small amount of our Reserve Syrah and BOOM, our Sangria was born. At first, I really didn’t know what I would use this combination for but, I had this feeling it would be so good! As soon as I tasted it, my mind immediately thought of Sangria. It is wonderfully refreshing, but not too sweet since I used the Reserve Syrah as the base wine. Taking this a step further, I brought my dad into the mix and had him taste it. His response was, “Sure” but, it was on me to bring this concoction to fruition. I designed a label, ordered the glass, mixed the wine and juice, and bottled it within a one-month period so that I could release it during our Anniversary Celebration in July 2015. The 100 cases we produced sold out in 3 weeks! Since then we have produced 200 cases each year so that it can be available all summer long. I am incredibly proud of how this creative idea has become one of our best-selling wines of the season.

Our Sangria is a vintage wine so, they’re all a little different as it depends on what red wine we have available in the tanks. This year’s Sangria is made with our 2019 Merlot, which adds so much more berry flavors! I can’t wait for you to try it! The tasting notes boast tart berries from the juices and concentrates that mingle perfectly with the rich flavor from the Merlot. Bright berries with a hint of oak vanillin linger long after the wine is swallowed. I recommend serving our Sangria well chilled.

You can come taste our Sangria at our tasting room this weekend for Spring Release Weekend, through May 9th, or grab your mom and celebrate her with an afternoon wine-tasting! Head to the Spokane Winery Association website to get your map and help support local wineries this weekend. We look forward to seeing you at our tasting room soon!