When we want a glass of chilled wine, we want it now and not in 60 minutes. Here’s the thing, putting a bottle of wine in the freezer for a little bit isn’t effective. Many other hacks have tried and failed to chill wine to perfection without watering it down, altering the flavors, or taking forever to get that ideal temp.

I’ll admit, my usual go-to method has been putting a bottle of wine in the freezer. Yes, this can be relatively quick, but it’s not as quick as this new method. Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve frozen the forgotten wine because I got side-tracked!

I learned this new method for chilling wine from The Wine Wankers. It’s called the Tea Bag Method!

Introducing The Wine Wankers Tea Bag Method

Step 1 – fill your wine glass half full of ice so you only use the right amount of cubes

Step 2 – pour the ice cubes into a small plastic bag, and place back into your wine glass

Step 3 – fill your wine glass to the very top with room temperature wine

Step 4 – let sit for 3 minutes – giving it the occasional bag of ice a dunk to mix the wine

Step 5 – remove the bag, clean it, and re-use it for another time (I hate single-use plastic – and so should you!)

Step 6 – your wine will now be chilled to perfection. Cheers!

Watch the how-to video here: