Thank goodness it's finally 2021! I think I can speak for many people when I say that 2020 was not the best but, I am hopeful and excited for what the next year will bring. If you love wine as much as I do, why not make a few resolutions that speak to your true passion: great wine. From one wine lover to another, here are a few new year's resolutions that we can happily get on board with!

More wine, please

Reap the health benefits of red wine by having one glass a day with lunch or dinner. Join our WineClub and you are well on your way to a glass a day.

Try something new

Stop by our tasting room or host your own at-home tasting. Our knowledgeable staff will guide your selections so, hopefully, you'll find a new favorite - or two.

Practice patience

Some wines get better with age. That bottle you've been dying to open? Give it a few more months for a real treat. For example, our Mike's Reserve Red no.3 only gets better with time.

Change it up

Do you usually drink red wine? Explore and treat your palette to white wine for a change.

Learn more about the craft

Curious to see winemakers at work? On a visit to Latah Creek, you can catch Mike or me working in the tank room. We'll happily take a minute to tell you about winemaking. Drop us a line to see if we have anything fun coming up, like bottling, filtering, or my favorite, blending!

Discover perfect pairings

A good meal becomes a great meal with the right wine. Learn from our very own Chef Ellena some of the secrets of pairing wine and food on her recipe blog.

Make more time for wine

Wine is not meant to be chugged or gulped. Take your time to sip and savor. Appreciate each sip and learn to taste all the different flavors a single wine can offer - rich tannins intermingling with plum, blackberry, and toasty oak flavors. Or maybe cigar tobacco and raspberry nuances, lingering long after your glass wine is empty.

And with that, cheers to 2021!