There’s nothing like cultivating a little summertime romance whether you've been together for 10+ years or you're beginning something new. The warmer weather and sunshine boast opportunities to create special memories with your significant other. Uncork your favorite bottle (or bottles) and plan a few dates to spend quality time together. Just like the notes of fine wine, planning sweet date nights can help romance linger. If you share a love of wine together, here are five summer date ideas for wine lovers.

#1 Catch the sunset together

Go for a hike or find a perfect viewpoint to watch the sunset. Few things complement each other better than fresh outdoor air and a decadent bottle of wine. This is a simple, yet thoughtful date to pull off during the workweek, especially when the sun sets at 8:45 PM. It doesn’t need to be a long hike, instead, think of it as a lovely stroll where it’s quiet. Find a secluded destination to snuggle up and sip a glass of wine as the sun goes down.

#2 Make a Farm-to-Table Meal

Something I love about the summer is how many farmer’s markets our area has. Nearly every day of the week you can find a different farmer’s market to go to. Rather than heading to the grocery store to get last-minute ingredients, make a date out of it! Pick a local market and go shopping for your ingredients. Post-market, pop open a bottle of Chardonnay to sip while you chop and saute!

#3 Prepare a Picnic in the Park

Get out of the house and forget about chores or other responsibilities and just be together on a picnic blanket. Spend the afternoon under shady branches and pack your favorite charcuterie fixings and a c. Spend the afternoon reconnecting, asking intentional questions, or even bring a book to read together as you sip wine and soak in summertime.

#4 Have a Game Night

When was the last time you and your partner sat and played games just the two of you for hours on end? Bring out the competitive side in both of you with an old card game, Cribbage, or a board game. Game nights are never complete without a little wine so, deal the cards and pour a glass of wine!

#5 Bake an Indulgent Dessert

I’m not talking about baking your traditional “back of the chocolate chip bag cookie recipe”. No, I’m talking about finding something over the top that you can spend the latter half of the evening preparing together. A fancy date doesn’t need to be overly expensive. In fact, why not eat pizza for dinner and polish it off with a decadent dessert? That’s called balance in my book. Think molten chocolate cake, lemon Riesling cake, crème brûlée or Moscato roasted pears. Plate your dessert beautifully and savor it on the porch or in candlelight. And, maybe it goes without saying now but, of course, pair it with the perfect wine.

Don’t let the summer slip away! Savor warm summer days with your person at your side and your favorite bottle of wine too.