I don't know about you, but, quarantine has me drinking (responsibly, of course) a little more than usual. There really isn’t a better time than now to join our wine club. At Latah Creek we have five primary benefits that our wine club members receive. Take a look to see if a membership is right for you.

Great discounts

We offer two separate wine discounts to our wine club members. Whenever you purchase 1-11 bottles of wine you get 5% off your order, and when you buy 12 bottles or more you’ll receive a discount of 20% off. Plus, we also offer exclusive discounts to event tickets at our winery. In addition, the actual WineClub Selections are at a 10% discount!

Waived tasting fees

When we open up again (thanks COVID) the tasting fees for wine club members are waived you visit Latah Creek Winery.

VIP access

Be the first to know about our newest wines. Some of the wines our club members get access to aren’t even available to purchase yet! VIP access provides members with exclusive sneak-peaks, so you can discover new favorites before anyone else.

Adjust to your preference

We feature five different clubs within our membership, so you can adjust your club to your wine preference. From white wines to red and dessert wines to our reserve collection, you’re never locked into one club because we know that your palette can change. A huge benefit to being a part of a wine club is getting exposed to new wines that you may not have tried otherwise.

Special events & recipes

Enjoy special wine pairing recipes and learn how to cook with our wines. Featuring signature recipes from the guru herself, Ellena. She is always creating recipes that will inspire you.

While you can always buy your favorite wines at your local grocery store, joining a wine club has plenty of awesome perks that grocery stores simply cannot provide. From amazing discounts to exclusive access to wines, joining a wine club will rekindle your overall joy in drinking wine.