I’m sure you’ve heard that wine actually has some health benefits, so, I’ve put together a list just for you! Of course, you should take your time getting to know the beverages of your choice and remember that everything is best in moderation. Quantity definitely matters, especially when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. So, my advice, savor every sip, feel the texture, and enjoy the wine’s aromas. Now, let’s get into these benefits!

1. Longer Lives

A compound, known as resveratrol, is present in all red wines. It comes from the grapes' skin and seeds, which are included with the juice during red wine fermentation. The antioxidant-like compound aids the body in its fight against free radicals that can damage our cells. It also promotes health and longevity by increasing the activity of sirtuins, which are a family of proteins that work to protect the body against aging.

2. Healthier Heart

Research shows that taking in polyphenols is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Wine contains polyphenols, more specifically the same resveratrol I mentioned earlier, which can help protect the lining of the blood vessels in the heart. Drinking 1 to 2 glasses of red wine (5 to 10 ounces) per day is the recommended amount. What’s more, wine can also prevent the formation of blood clots. It dilates arteries and increases blood flow, thus lowering the risk for the type of clots that cut off blood supply.

3. Protection from Cancer

Wine may also protect against several forms of cancer. As it turns out, the same phenolic compounds that lower the risk of heart disease also slow the growth of breast cancer cells. They can also suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells and slow the growth of liver cancer cells. Red wine is packed with tons of natural antioxidants that boost its cancer fighting abilities.

4. Strong Bones

When we were kids, we were told that drinking milk builds strong bones. As an adult, I don’t know many people who sit down with a good ‘ol glass of milk with dinner. It turns out, though, that moderate wine drinkers actually cut their risk of osteoporosis. A study showed that women who drank 1 to 3 glasses of wine per day had great bone mineral density over nondrinkers and heavy drinkers.

From healthier hearts to protection against cancer, and building strong bones to increasing longevity of life, we might as well hand out an unofficial prescription for wine. I’m no doctor, but, I can certainly say that moderate drinking of wine should be in your frame of mind when reading these benefits. Overall, I hope you enjoy wine as your beverage of choice, and it’s many benefits, as much as I do!

Check out our red wine selection here, and start being healthier today! One thing I want to mention is that many of you might not like red wine. That's ok! We actually had a long-time customer who's doctor had him drink one glass of red wine everyday. He preferred sweet wine, so he would add cranberry juice to his glass of red wine. It worked great! Now, we do have our Sangria, which is red wine blended with our huckleberry juice and concentrate. With that, you get the benefit of red wine and berries!

Enjoy the end of summer,


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