Our Sangria is a luscious blend of a velvety smooth Merlot, huckleberry juice and huckleberry concentrate. One of my favorite things to do when I have people over is to serve this in a large pitcher (more than one bottle as it goes quickly!!), with frozen berries in it to keep it well chilled without watering it down. Then, at the end of the pitcher, you scoop out the berries and serve over pound cake or ice cream as an absolutely delicious and easy dessert! I know summer is right around the corner when my neighbor and I pull out the camping chairs into our driveway, pour ourselves a glass of Sangria and watch the kids play outside for hours. On July 1st we release our Sangria and summer can finally begin for us.

A Toast to Best Friends

When I think of summer, I think of gathering outside with friends and family. And last year when we made our first batch of this wine, before it was released, I brought it up to the lake with friends. First off, it is the perfect, crisp summer wine you are looking for. More than that, whenever I poured this wine into my glass, I would glance at the label and just relish where I was at and who I was with, because I was reminded how special friendship is. This bottle, wine and label was inspired by my mom and her best friend, and that special bond of best friends. I have a lot of friends, but really only one BEST friend and let me tell you, that bond is special. Last year my mom's friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and so whenever I see this bottle, I am reminded of how much one person can mean to you, and how you should be so grateful for that gift, every single day. So, every time I drink this wine, I think about all of this, and it really makes whatever I am doing that much more special.

Mike’s Reserve Red

While I absolutely LOVE drinking a chilled glass of wine whilst sitting outside in the sun during a hot afternoon, once it hits dinnertime, I reach for a bottle of red wine. This is because most of my summer dinners are barbecue friendly and pair better with a red wine like Mike’s Reserve Red. I first put the bottle of red wine in the frig for 20-30 minutes to make sure it is around 55ºF. Then, I take it out of the fridge and open it to pour myself a glass. When dinner is served, I grab a chiller to keep the wine chilled so that it doesn't get too warm if I am sitting outside. All this just makes the wine more enjoyable and drinkable during the summer months. When the wine is slightly chilled, the effects of the higher alcohol content are minimized, so that you can taste the amazing berry, cocoa, and plum flavors the wine offers. Plus, with Mike's Reserve Red being a blend, it pairs with almost every type of food out there!