Is there anything more magical than cozying up with a warm blanket by a roaring fire, favorite book and a glass of wine in hand? We don’t think so either! As we always say, you can’t go wrong with any bottle of wine, but we are also firm believers that some wines are simply just better than others at different times of the year. To take the guesswork out for you, here are the top 10 wines we recommend to keep your soul warm during this cold winter season!

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon

I think it’s safe to say Cab Sauv is going to be on every list we ever write about which wines you should be drinking when…you just can’t go wrong! It pairs perfectly with any hearty winter meal you cook, and if we do say so ourselves, we think a good Cabernet is the perfect wine to sit next to the fire with for some good, deep thinking.

  1. Chardonnay

Looking for something to sip on other than eggnog this Holiday season? Make a grab for some buttery, rich Chardonnay. Full-bodied with notes of vanilla and caramel, this is the perfect drink to warm your soul as the snow comes down!

  1. Champagne

Feeling a little blue in these winter months? You don’t need a reason to celebrate to pop the bubbly and lift your spirits to beat the blues! And you certainly don’t need to wait until New Years’ Eve, either. Incredibly versatile, refreshing, and light, Champagne is a classic go-to as you snack on cheese, nuts, and popcorn!

  1. Port

With its rich, concentrated flavors, Port is the perfect wine for you to fall in love with this December! Drink it after any celebration, game night, Holiday party, or just by the fireside at the end of a long Winter day. Pairs perfectly with creme brûlée and truffles…need we say more?

  1. Mourvèdre

If you’re tired of our Cabernet Sauvignon recommendation, you might try this tasty alternative! Mourvèdre is gamier and more untamed than a classic Cab Sauv, and with its full-bodied and rustic taste profile, it will pair perfectly with any Holiday meat!

  1. Sherry

If you love a good Whiskey in the winter but are looking for something new to try, look no further! Richer and more expressive than Whiskey, Sherry is a dry wine that is the perfect as a dessert alternative.

  1. Sagrantino

What’s better to fill ourselves with during the Holidays than fats and proteins, and what pairs better with fats and proteins than Sagrantino?! The boldest of all bold reds, Sagrantino boasts notes of black plum, cocoa powder, blackberry sauce, vanilla, and sage. All we can say is…YUM.

  1. Valpolicella

If you’re looking to impress your co-workers, friends, or family at a Holiday party this year, look no further than a nice Valpolicella. Expensive, full-bodied, and delicious, Valpolicella will make any red meat and mushroom dinner just that much better!

  1. White Rioja

While you might get some hints of roasted pineapple with a White Rioja, you’ll also experience pops of hazelnut and carmelized honey that will wow your taste buds! Versatile in that it can range from light to full-bodied, and also extremely rare (it makes up only 10% of wine production in Rioja Spain), White Rioja is a must-taste for the Holidays!

  1. Sangiovese

Rustic, earthy, high-acid, high-tannin. Do we even need to say anything else?? Sangiovese pairs great with tomato sauce and cheese (again…do we need to say more?), and will be perfect for all you vegetarians to sip alongside some roasted veggies!

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