We all have that one friend who knows so many random facts that they liven up any boring cocktail conversation. The next time you’re in a lulling conversation, liven it up with a few of these obscure things most people won’t know about wine.

#1 Not every wine is vegan.

Did you know that some wines undergo a filtration process using animal byproducts like gelatin? Yes, it’s true!
(But we do not use these, so Latah Creek wine is Vegan!!)

#2 Wine-flavored Kit Kats are not a myth.

While you can only buy them in Japan or on Amazon, they’re real all right!

#3 Toasting started in ancient Rome.

Historically, Romans would drop a piece of toasted bread into glasses of wine to temper excess acidity.

#4 The saying, “Drinking to one’s health,” started in ancient Greece.

Hosts would customarily drink the first cup of wine to show their guests they weren’t poisoning them.

#5 Italy is home to a 24-hour wine fountain.

Yes, it’s free and the only question is, when are you going?

#6 The world’s oldest bottle lives in Germany.

More specifically the bottle dates back to 325 A.D. and is on display in a museum in Speyer, Germany.

#7 Women are better wine tasters.

Wine tasting has so much to do with smell, and women (especially those around reproductive age) have a better sense of smell than men.

#8 Not all wines improve with age.

Actually, about 90 percent of wines should be consumed within a year of production, typically all whites.

#9 Hammurabi’s Code had a wine law.

In 1800 B.C. Fraudulent wine sellers were punished by drowning in a river. Yikes!

#10 There is such thing as Oenophobia (fear of wine).

Yes, this phobia is real, and no, I don’t have it.