5 Things a True Wine Lover Would Never Do

True wine lovers take their wine seriously. If you’re a self-proclaimed wine lover, keep in mind that there are a few serious vino no-nos. Here’s a quick list of five things a true wine lover would never do. #1 They would never use ice cubes to chill wine.You may... Continued »

5 Things Not To Do When Ordering Wine at a Restaurant

It’s never a good idea to just wing it when ordering off a wine list. Here are five things not to do when ordering wine at a restaurant. Don’t Choose the House WineOkay, unless you’re in wine country, like Napa, the quality of house wine is typically subpar. Oh, and... Continued »

5 Summer Date Ideas for Wine Lovers

There’s nothing like cultivating a little summertime romance whether you've been together for 10+ years or you're beginning something new. The warmer weather and sunshine boast opportunities to create special memories with your significant other. Uncork your favorite bottle (or bottles) and plan a few dates to spend quality time... Continued »

10 Obscure Things You Didn't Know About Wine

We all have that one friend who knows so many random facts that they liven up any boring cocktail conversation. The next time you’re in a lulling conversation, liven it up with a few of these obscure things most people won’t know about wine. #1 Not every wine is... Continued »

How to Store an Open Bottle of Wine

Chances are you’ve found yourself with a half-drank bottle of wine and you’ve been stumped by this question: how do you store an open bottle of wine and keep it from going bad? Rather than provide some fancy gadget for you to buy, I recommend you follow these tricks... Continued »

7 Summer Wines Perfect for Warmer Weather

While it’s been an unseasonably wet June for us in Eastern Washington, I can’t help but anticipate warmer temperatures. Summer is my favorite season for getting people together and enjoying outdoor dining. At our house, wine is always a part of the equation. Plenty of reds, whites, and sparkling wines... Continued »

7 Wine Tips To Make You Sound Like An Expert

The wine tips I’m about to share with you will cover some of the more obscure bits of language and etiquette are known by any expert wine connoisseur. In fact, the wine world is packed with oddities. For example, have you ever witnessed or heard of wine drinkers spitting... Continued »

Everything You Need to Know About Washington Wine Country

Did you know Washington is the second-largest wine-producing state in the United States? Home to over 1,000 wineries and making over 17 million cases of wine, Washington contributes over $8 billion in state economic impact, annually. Fast Facts On Washington Wine CountryBeyond the brevity of wineries in Washington, our... Continued »