Winery Remodel Flashback

How has it already been a year since the winery remodel?! WOW! We’re reminiscing about the adventures the remodel brought us last year. Many things happened, which didn’t occur to us in the planning stages; like not having toilets when the floors are being redone. But, we are still in... Continued »

Corks vs. Screw Caps What's the Difference?

Corks are typically the classic choice when it comes to what goes between you and your wine. But, the argument over screw caps and corks is not as black and white as we may think. So, which is better, corks or screw caps? Well, to tell you the truth there... Continued »

Food & Wine Pairings I Love

One of my favorite things to do is to make a meal and taste with different wines, to see which is the best pairing. Now, I am a firm believer in “drink what you like”, as I don’t think anyone should have to pair a steak with a red wine... Continued »

​4 Health Benefits of Wine

I’m sure you’ve heard that wine actually has some health benefits, so, I’ve put together a list just for you! Of course, you should take your time getting to know the beverages of your choice and remember that everything is best in moderation. Quantity definitely matters, especially when it comes... Continued »

Upcoming Red Wine Releases

We have some real treats coming your way over the next nine to twelve months. You will see two new Red releases under our regular wine label, four new Reserve Red releases, and a new Mike’s Reserve Red no. 3. All I can say is how excited I am! Now... Continued »

​White Wine Lovers Release Radar

We haven’t been able to release all of our wines the way we typically do--thanks COVID--, but I wanted to fill you in on what has and will be released.Our first new White release of the year was during the Quarantine-Style Spring Release in May. We decided, at the last... Continued »

Wine Spotlight - Sangria No. 6

I am writing this only about an hour after we finished bottling this year’s Sangria. We have been a bit behind because of COVID and quarantine, but finally we were able to get this wine in the bottle so we could get it out to you as soon as possible!This... Continued »

Meet the Team - Natalie Conway-Barnes

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, we aren’t strangers anymore. For those that are new to the Latah Creek family, I thought I would give a little bit more of my background so we can get to know each other better! I was raised among wine barrels... Continued »