We are pleased to offer our Huckleberry d'Latah – a two time gold medal winner – as our September 2016 Wine of the Month.
Available at the sale price from September 1 to 30, 2016.

The first release of Latah Creek’s Huckleberry wine was in 1996, making this vintage its 20th Anniversary. This wine has become so popular, it has been dubbed “Spokane’s #1 wine” and currently makes up 50% of production. Father/daughter winemaking team, Mike and Natalie, contribute this success to the quality of the wine in the blend. Using primarily Riesling, this wine’s first name was actually Huckleberry Riesling. But due to federal law changes, a fruit name and a grape name can no longer be together on a label; they changed it to include the winery name in an Italian fashion, Huckleberry d’Latah. Also, because of the fruit addition, they are not allowed to put an appellation or vintage date on the label. The wine used is always from the same vintage and from Columbia Valley AVA. It is truly a taste of the Northwest.

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Winemaker’s Notes

Every vintage of Huckleberry is a little different in varietal makeup due to harvest amounts, final wine production amounts, and more; but it is always 75%-90% Riesling. This wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks at cooler temperatures, to retain its forward fruit characteristics. A higher acid level was left in the wine to keep it from cloying, and to keep it fresh and crisp. The addition of natural fruit juice and concentrate give the wine a deeper fruit character and a beautiful color.

Bold berry and sweet honeysuckle nuances greet your nose. The subtle blueberry flavors of the wild huckleberry upon first sip compliment the spun sugar, and ripe pear from the Riesling, and florals and grape flavors from the Muscat Canelli. A crisp acid, with a hint of ginger, minerality, and grape linger.

About our Huckleberry d'Latah

  • Winemakers: Mike Conway and Natalie Conway-Barnes
  • Blend: 89% Riesling, 11% Muscat Canelli, and Natural Juice and Concentrate
  • Alcohol: 10.5% by volume | Residual Sugar: approx. 2.5%
  • Bottled/production: February 9, 2016 | 7650 cases

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For those who don't know my Mom's cookbooks, she has 3 of them. Her 1st and 2nd cookbooks were released 11 and 13 years ago, while her 3rd cookbook was released 3 years ago, but this time in a binder format with room to grow. The 1st and 2nd cookbooks have been remade to fit into the binder also, so you can have all three cookbooks in the same spot (cookbook #1 has green colored recipes, cookbook #2 has yellow colored recipes, and cookbook #3 has maroon colored recipes). To reference the above recipes, I give the color for the new cookbooks, and the cookbook number for the old cookbooks. Click here to buy Ellena's cookbooks